I went in for a fade to pompadour today. The lady who cut it kinked a quarter sized hole in the side.

Horribly uneven clipping on the other side. NEVER GO TO SMARTSTYLE EVER. IT WILL BE THE WORST MISTAKE OF YOUR LIFE. It was mine...

(Monett, Missouri) I came back to demand my money back, and the lady who cut it gave me an attitude.

Now I have to go through the rest of this month with this embarassing monstrosity. I'm warning any and all of you reading this, NEVER go to Smartstyle in the Walmart in Monett, MO.

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A Walmart haircut. Are you kidding? Love to have some of the drugs you're on.


I think it makes you better! Sweet leather jacket btw

to Anonymous Mountain View, California, United States #974437

Well 'Annonymous' from NO Where, it appears that you are flirting with that young man - you sicko! Now they can add sexual harrassment to their claim too!

And you thought you are so smart!

Btw, it does NOT make him look better to have a chopped haircut like that!

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