I got my nieces hair cornrowed at Smartstyle in Winder, GA. I keep their hair in cornrows.

Their hair lasts four weeks and that is with heavy activities like swimming and going to the beach. The day after their hair was done, their hair began to come undone. I took them back in the next day to have it fixed. I was told how to remedy it at home.

This was after I paid my money to have it done! Less than a week later, it looks like ***. We have not done anything that would constitute, high activity. I called and spoke with the manager, he said he would call back to reschedule an appointment.

It has been two days, he has not called. I gave him two numbers to reach me, he has not called either! I just called their corporate offices. I was told that styles are not guaranteed once you leave the salon.

It is not like they got a press and curl. They got braids, cornrows that should have lasted at least three weeks! After five days they looked like ***. So, be aware that even braids are not guaranteed to look good after a few days.

Although, if anyone knows anything about braids, they should last a lot longer than five days. It is the main reason parents get braids done for their children. Mind you, I had extensions used, it was not just their hair that was braided. So, it should have lasted a lot longer than it has.

I have only kept it in this long, about 8 days now because I want the manager to see how terrible it looks.

They are sending me a gift certificate even though I will NEVER use them again! What am I supposed to do with a $90 gift certificate from Regis???????????

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