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Horrible. The lady I had couldn't crack a smile if her life depended on it. I showed her the "Style" I wanted and asked if she could do it. All I got was a blank stare and Yes. I showed her the picture which included front shot, side shot and back shot. I asked if she needed to see it again and she shrugged her shoulder sure. I should have then walked out. Never in my life had I had such a lifeless person. ugh

I also told her I have curly hair so she's going to have to cut it longer then she was seeing my hair was wet.

I ended up with a hatchet job. It will take me months to grow back enough to have the desired cut I was looking for.

If you are looking for a good to excellent cut Don't go here. Spend the extra money at a real salon (which is where I'm going next time) I wasted $15.50 on a cut. I'd love to get my money back from this company but I highly doubt that will happen.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. amandalester stated that there is a room for improvement of hair cut and price for awful job done. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss poor customer service of smartstyle haircut and associated monetary loss in the amount of $16. Smartstyle needs to issue a full refund according to poster's claims.

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Perhaps she did give you "the cut" you desired, however, you are upset that "the cut" does not look identical on you as it does on the supermodel in the photo. Next time choose something appropriate for your facial structure and have realistic expectations!


You know that is a REAL salon, right? The stylists all went to the same schools, and learned the same thing.

You're going to find that in a "real salon" as well. Somebody who doesn't want to cut your rude, insulting *** hair. It's insulting when you ask "can you do this?" Or "can I get somebody that's good with short hair" very rude.

She probably did it on purpose(: and that's a cheap hair cut. Youget what you pay for, right?

Creemore, Ontario, Canada #994545

Hey anonymous !

Would you smile with a cut like this??

I also have VERY curly hair and depending on how I style it,what styling tools I use,last but not least HUMIDITY!!

You come off like a smarta++,

I don't care if you pay $20 or $200 you are still PAYIING for a service and should be rendered as such.

Personally you probably own a salon who does shoddy work for big bucks! Then blame the client as well,you seem to be very rude to anyone that complains. I feel sorry for anyone in your social circle.


"curly hair"? Please. Your hair is slightly wavy.

And you really can't expect a great haircut for less than $20.

to Anonymous #986920

Newsflash: I got a great haircut a week ago for $13.00! And how are you going to judge whether this person has curly hair or wavy hair, by that one picture alone?

I have naturally wavy hair but the way I style and comb it, people think I was born with very straight hair. Go away, you contributed NOTHING to this thread!


Do you know how to smile?

to Anonymous #986921

Congratulations, you win stup*dest posting of the day award here at pissedconsumer.

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