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Update by user May 29, 2015

I went in and told them about it, the manager was there as well. I did get my free touch up and they even offered me some medicine from their first aid and some hair cream.

All I wanted was my hair finished up so the other things were just sweet.

Anyway, it was just ONE bad experience and I'm happy that it was resolved so easily. And hopefully that girl will get a talking to.

Original review posted by user May 28, 2015

FYI: this is the Smartstyle in the Fort Walton Beach, Florida Walmart on Beal Pkwy.

I sat down and was told to un-cross my legs, scoot my butt back in the seat, and to sit up straight. Continuously told to SIT UP STRAIGHT. I have a crooked back so sitting up like that hurts. Plus I'd been working all morning so now I was being forced to push with my legs to keep myself pinned in that chair.

Then as she was cutting my hair around my ears, she would put the scissors right up to my ear and cut REALLY fast. I was scared she was going to cut my ear! As she was cutting my hair further up to layer it, she then looks at her finger and says "Are you serious?" I asked if she cut her finger and she says "Oh I've been doing that all day." I'm sorry... but excuse me? REALLY?

THEN - I couldn't see her doing this - it felt like she was dragging the razor across my skin backwards or something and it even left dark red, bleeding scratches all over my neck. The little black comb she was using continuously got caught on my ear lobe HARD and PAINFULLY and she continued to let it happen OVER AND OVER and it ended up cutting my ear.

I've been getting my hair cut with this place for over 5 years almost never with the same girl and I've never had a problem. This has been my worst experience with this company and frankly I'm tempted to never come back because of it. My family says they won't be returning either. I'm still willing to give it a second chance because I've never had problems like this before. My only thing is that I want a free touch up because the girl didn't even do what I'd asked in the first place. I just wanted to get the *** out of that chair.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Lucian-Blackwater stated that there is a room for improvement of did not get what i requested and i got scratched up. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss "i got scratched up" of smartstyle haircut. Smartstyle needs to "just a free touch up is all i ask" according to poster's claims.

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