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I was a first time customer, at Smart Style, in wilmington n.c. I haven't been able to do anything nice for myself in ten years or more,being a single mother of 4, I decided I deserved something nice for a change so this lady name carrie started on me, I wanted very little cut, she cut too much, she had to lift the strands because my hair is dark (I'm Italian) I specially told her i wanted bright red, she used a darker aburn, she told me there was nothing she could do at that point, she promised me to come back in march she would fix it, I am so upset because i spent close too 400$ there, I went back to learn if I was dissatisfied I was suppose to have came back the next day, I came back and told the stylist in charge she was of no help but talked me in to buying a straighter for over 100$ which dosent get as hot as she said, I went back the other day and she was very nasty to me, she had me crying!! And also the stylist carrie no longer works there any longer I feel cheated, and used, please help me

Review about: Smartstyle Hair Highlighting.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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Im not following you.U say you had your hair cut and lifted? Like I said before call the 800# Did she perm your hair?

What I dont understand is why would the manager tell you about a straighter? Im not saying she did not spend 400$ but if she did she needs to report them.


wow. i def believe that they were nasty to you.

Brooks post alone was pretty nasty.

"your so called 400 dollars back" I hate rude ppl if u can't be respectful don't post at all. I hope you got your $ back and I hope Brook gets fired for being hateful.


1-800-737-3535 Coporate # call them


:upset This is hard to believe I work for smart styles and I have never seen a ticket price of 400 but if you are truly unhappy call the 1-800 # that is posted behind the front desk. It will be fixed or u will get your so called 400 dollars back.

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