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I went into smartstyle today and was told that if i didnt like my hair cut i should have went to the person who cut my hair before by a woman who was african american like me then other african american women began to laugh loud as my child and i walked out of the store i then realized something we are each others worst enemy black women hate each other a woman knows how other black women are about there hair some of us disrespect our own the women today act like rats old rats older women use to guide the young look how the old ones are acting we are in trouble as a people when older women act like gutter rats without wisdom or lack control of the mouth older women use to teacher us who is going to teach us when the older ones now seem to be foolish and without wisdom and lack of self control my people so stiff neck wayward we dont pull together we pull each other down and wonder why some of our young girls and ladies are the way they are so lost and falling for anything just to feel good for a minute or a second its so sad

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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