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The LAST time I visited the Maryville Missouri SmartStyle Salon I had the following experience.

I had a 4pm appointment with ASHLI. I arrived early at 3:30, but was told by ASHLI her 3:30 appointment had just got there, so she told me to come back at 4.

I returned at 3:55pm and took a seat because the same woman was still in her chair. The woman had short hair to begin with, but ASHLI did not finish with her until 4:30pm, because she was talking to her even after she trimmed her hair.

When I was callled to her chair, she emmediately defended as to why she took a long time with this customer. She told me she was a long time customer/friend, and she takes her time with her customers. I told her that was fine, because she had always showed me the same consideration. She had been cut my hair since September 2017.

She faced me away from the mirror, and started cutting my hair without asking me if we were cutting it as usual, which was in a long inverted bob.

A few minutes later a nice looking man walked in, her kept looking at her. The way he kept staring, I assumed he was her next client. I could tell she was distracted, because I could see he kept staring at her. A few minutes after he arrived, she says “I’m going to put you under the hair dryer” so I can take him because his hair cut will only take a few minutes. I said to her “your not done cutting my hair”. She said she would finish after my hair was dry.

I was under the hair dryer for 30 minutes. She never came to check my hair, so I turned off the dryer, and returned to the seating area where she could see me. Much to my surprise, ASHLI was still working on that same man, but she was doing my laughing, talking, and running her fingers through his hair. This went on for 20 minutes. Just when I thought she was done with him, she said “lets go wash your hair”. As she walked directly in front of me, I said ASHLI my hair is dry”, she ignored me.

She spent another 25 minutes washing his hair...massaging his head. They finally returned to her chair, and she proceeded

To go through the motion acting like she was trimming his hair again. This went on for another 15 minutes.

My husband who had been waiting in the car,called wanted to know why it was taking so long, when he knew I was early for a4pm appointment. By then it was 5:40 pm. It was another 5 minutes before the guy left.

She motioned me over, NEVER finished cutting my hair, and flattened the dog ears she left me with, and said “Your Done”. She never gave me the mirror for me to see. I told her that I had also scheduled a waxing when I called. She said it wasn’ t written in the book and refused to do it.

As I was walking away, she said “you should have scheduled more time”.

When I got home and saw what she did to my hair, I immediately called the customer service number. I spoke to area manager, regional manager.

When I didn’t get any response, after SEVERAL weeks I called back and asked to speak to the person in charge of service. I was told by SARAH, the claim was closed, that I had no proof what did, or that she treated me in this manner.

They believed her version of what took place.

I was told recently by several people that that ASHLI continues to talk badly to other customers (that I happen to know)

About my character.

I was a long time customer of Regis Salons, and a Senior. The was this company treats it’s customers, is APPAULING!!!!!!!!!

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I had a similar experience...had to wait 2 hrs b4 I was seen. Then my hairstyle was not what I asked for.

When I asked for a redo, the stylist gave me the run around for a week, So I asked for my money back. Now there customer rep taking her time to resolve this issue and asking for impossible things....3 wks after my complaint the rep ask....Can you give me a pic of your hair b4 and one after you got your hair done. Who in the world takes a picture of their hair b4 they get to the salon.

& by now it's time for my hair to be redone. I believe she's stalling and trying to frustrate me so that I drop my complaint.


That complaint is far too long to read in its entirety. It appears you have plenty of hair so I'm relatively sure it will grow back.

Time to let it go and try something else next time.

This is called "trial and error" or "live and learn" ; usually very effective education which ill hopefully prevent repeat errors. Of course, you could be bald like me and never have to think about it again ...

to Anonymous #1614157

Just read your comment about my complaint. I provided what they wanted and was told TWO months later, that they had NO reason to believe I was telling the truth and MY CASE was closed.

If you know how to make your experience go VIRAL, I suggest you do. This company is the worse company I have EVER dealt with.

DON’T hold your breath at getting ANY resolve. The hair dresser that hacked my hair, was given the MANAGER position soon after...

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