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So I had the ability to have time Monday to get my 2 girls hair trimmed and their bangs as well. I had the day off, my husband had the day off so he could help me if needed when taking them both. One daughter is 7 and the other is 3.

I went in and they told me it would be a wait time of 20 minutes, so I told them I was going to do a bit of shopping that I needed to do and would be back with them in 20 minutes. I came back and they took us right away. My daughters both had different stylists so they could do their hair at the same time. I asked that both girls have a trim that goes to the crook of their neck and then for their bangs to be trimmed up because they were getting a tad long. Seems like an easy enough task that even Walmart couldn't mess up. Both the girls hair was a tad below their shoulder so I wasn't asking for an awful lot to be cut off. My 3 year old was being a bit hyper. She really liked her stylist and wanted to talk and move her head and move around. I have to give it to her, because she had a lot more patience than I usually do. If her hair was going to be messed up, I couldn't even fully blame the stylist doing her hair, because I'm sure having everything perfect would be a hard task since she was acting the way she was. She wasn't out of control or anything, just very talky, and wanting to turn her head to who she was talking to when she did and making some movements when she was asked to sit still.

My older daughter, who was with the other stylist, was very still. She barely spoke, and took direction when asked to turn or hold her head a certain way. She did everything she was suppose to do. So it's funny when looking at both my girls after their hair was done that my 3 year olds hair looked better than my 7 yr old. First off, when she came to me, I had been standing, helping the stylist working on my 3 yr olds hair to help her stay still...and if I hadn't stood with her, she probably would've tried getting up to come get me. I figured my 7 yr old could handle it with me across the room. Had I been looking at her, I would have stopped the stylist from cutting my childs hair as short as her chin. How does "the crook of her neck, right above her shoulders" come out with a hair cut to the chin? That's not a small mistake. And this wasn't even the worst of it all. I asked for maybe a few layers in the front framing the face nicely..the whole thing looked choppy, and one side of her hair was dramatically shorter than the other...not even like, maybe if you pay attention you might notice it difference but clearly anyone can see it from even across the room and then there was pieces all over, in the back and everything coming down and not cut and it looked like a child literally took scissors to their own hair..not something I would expect any professional to do. Even her bangs were uneven. I turned to my husband and began getting angry and looked for the girl who had just done this. Couldn't find her anywhere in the salon, so I turned to another stylist and asked where she was. She told me that the stylist was about to leave before I came in, so she needed to go look in the back to see if she was still there or had left already. She came back in and said she had just been ready to leave but she told her and she'd be out in a moment.

She comes out, looking nervous and I told her my kids hair was completely screwed up and before I could say anything more, she starts saying,"Oh yeah, I can see pieces coming down and stuff." And stuff? I told her to fix it and I didn't even need to point out to her all the was wrong with this cut, she automatically already knew, so my main question is, if you knew all this, why would you finish, not fix it, and let my kid get down from the chair and be done when you know my kids hair is a *** mess? I'll tell you why...because like the girl said, she was ready to leave already before we came in. I went looking for her less than 3 minutes after my child walked over to me and she was nowhere to be found and in a hurry to get out the door. She didn't care that she screwed my kids hair up and she didn't care to fix it..she just didn't care and was in a hurry to leave.

So she continues on fixing it, I'm still standing with my 3 yr old, trying to hold her head still, and my husband is supervising her fixing it..he had come into the salon after thinking everything was under control in the beginning and deciding to go look in the electronics section while we were in the salon...after about 10 minutes the girl asks my husband to ask me if I think it's to my liking now. The hair still looked extremely choppy, was even shorter than before, and still uneven and the cut was so weird that it looked as if she was the part of the Amish community as a little boy. It looked so very bad. I could have said no, and had a big to-do in front of my kids, but I didn't want to do that because the one stylist was still trying to even everything out with my other daughters hair, and I didn't want her getting excited and having 2 kids with bad cuts. I also didn't want her touching my kids hair any further...every time she tried "fixing" whatever it is she did, her hair was getting shorter and shorter and my daughter doesn't have the face for hair that short,...it looks better long and she never even wanted her hair cut and was upset in the first place, but I insisted she get a trim to cut off any dead or split ends to help it grow faster. I told her I wouldn't let them *** much and here we are 4 inches shorter...felt so bad for her. I just told her to get up and she was done. My other daughter also had short hair. About the same length. Now I am forgiving to this because when you cut hair on a toddler, it's hard if they aren't 100% still so I can forgive this...it still looked better than the mess the other girl made of my 7 yr olds hair. I don't understand how crook of the neck means chin cheek length but this place is a *** mess with what they did.

I went to pay, which I don't feel I should have had to do for my oldest. I was mad. I paid and when it came to giving a tip on the screen, since both were written up together, I told the girl I only wanted my tip to go to the woman who cut my youngest daughters hair..but I get out to the car and see she still split the tip up between both. They didn't deserve to be paid let alone her given a tip for what she did to my child's hair. I paid around $26.00 for both of them. I now have to pay an extra trip to another salon on Friday to have everything fixed that was messed up. Even though I forgive the one stylist for the hard task she was given, and I liked her more for her personality, which is good with kids, but not exactly the best stylist because this is the first time my youngest has had a bad cut ever, no matter how she acted. I have to have both fixed. Both are choppy and not all even, but my 7 yr old is the worst...it's absolutely horrible...it looks like a drunk person cut her hair. I could have done a better job. How can someone who went to school for cosmetology do anyones hair like that? She shouldn't be working with anyones hair.

SO I get home, and I take a really good look at her hair and almost felt like crying. I will post a pic which is very sad to look at. You can see both sides are uneven and totally different lengths. Her bangs are jacked up. It's choppy and horrible. And she looks like Lord Farqua or something out of an Amish village. So horrible. I posted on my FB page about it and everyone suggested I contacted them and demand my money back, so I called and they said their manager would be in tomorrow at 3pm to talk to her. They told me her name and I saw we had mutual friends, so I pm'd her what happened, and a photo, and it's never been looked at or responded to. I have called the salon since 3pm to talk to the manager and every time I call the line is busy. I find it hard to believe someone has been on the phone non-stop for over an hour now. I called the 800-number to make a complaint yesterday and spoke with someone who took down everything I told them that happened and my contact info and they said they would be forwarding this on to whoever needed to deal with it and they'd be in touch and I haven't heard back from anyone.

So now I will be spending even more money to fix their mistakes. I hope no one else has to experience what we experienced yesterday because it's absolutely awful.

I posted a photo of what it looks like now as oppose to what it usually looks like when we get this type of cut...it's just awful...

This reviewer shared experience about bad quality and wants this business to issue a full refund as the author lost $26. This person is overall dissatisfied with Smartstyle and uploaded picture s. Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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Head, thank God you kid only had a bad haircut that will grow out in a few weeks.


That style is very lopsided. I'd be upset also :/

Santa Rosa, California, United States #1183497

Just my layman's opinion based on my own daughter and granddaughters hair, but kids hair, especially straight hair, is not that easy to cut and any little movement or even if she wasnt sitting perfectly straight could result in some uneven cutting. But you did ask her to fix it and she tried and then you complained her hair was even shorter?

Judging by the picture you posted I personally don't see that much of a problem, it looks fine to me. Maybe a couple little snips of the bangs and a bit more trimmed off on her left side. But "crook of the neck" is a bit vague to use as a term for length of hair especially if the stylist was young. Maybe just say "cut about 1" off to the bottom of the neck".

I'm sure the stylist wanted to do a good job and didn't deliberately screw it up but when you go somewhere that charges $26 for two kids haircuts you aren't getting a Hollywood stylist.

I don't mean to sound like it's trivial to upset a 7 year old, but I hate it when someone goes so far...calling the manager, calling their corporate office, writing lengthy scathing reviews...that they could jeopardize someone's job. It may not be the cut you imagined but just make sure you go to someone with more experience with kids hair next time and tell your daughter she looks beautiful anyway.


I don't blame u for being angry I would be to. To the *** who made the comment about her making this a big deal.

Yes it is a big deal the lady who cut her daughter's hair has no idea what she is doing and shouldn't be doing this as a living. She paid to get it done and look at it if that was your daughter wouldn't u be mad?

U shouldn't be nasty to people this a place people post complaints on. I hope your next hair cut comes out awful then u will know how this little girl feels.


Could you possibly make a bigger deal out of this than you need to?? We've all been the victim of a bad haircut at one time or another, and guess what??


Not only that, your daughter takes her cues from YOU, by acting like it's a huge deal, you are only going to make her feel worse about it! Get it fixed at the salon, and then get on with your life!

to Anonymous #1113175

Last time I checked, this is a place to leave your customer reviews when having a bad experience, is it not? So if you are not interested in reading them and they annoy you so much, why the *** are you on here reading them and responding to them negatively?

Yes, hair grows back, but a service was paid for, and not only was it paid for but I now have to pay for another salon to fix it this week.

So yes, I think just about ANYONE would be angry that this happened, and that someone messed up their childs hair to the point where one side is much longer than the other and absolutely chopped up. I'm not talking to my daughter...I'm talking on a customer review site, and guess what..she doesn't venture onto it, so maybe you should try getting on with your life, and visiting sites you agree with as oppose to bothering others like a *** troll.

to Anonymous #1507249

No matter where you go, especially if you were not recommended to someone, your unfortunately talking a bit of a risk. I am an instructor, loreal professional corrective colorist and have 30 years experience.

I also work for SmartStyle and I’m my salon most clients do leave paying over $150 for a double dimension color. Very time consuming and a ton product is used to create these multi tonal colors not to mention the stylist has spent years perfecting their craft. Yes color is expensive md if it were a easy as the commercials make it out to be we wouldn’t be needing to spend so much time and money to keep our skill set up. (Heather locklear and Beyoncé obviously do not use store bought box color).

As with anything service based, you get some good and some bad. I recommend asking around to where other people go and when you sit in the chair PLEASE make sure the consultant is an exact meeting of minds as the end result. You cannot verbally describe a visual. USE PICTURES even if it takes an hour, that hour will save a lot of heartache and disappointment for both.

No stylist I know wants anyone to be unhappy with their end result. Also, when you find a good one STICK WITH THEM.

It takes time to get to know each client and their personal likes and dislikes. If you’re not comfortable during the consultation opt for a clear glaze and a blowout and let them know that you need to consider all the options that you’ve just discussed that,way you can get a better feel of stylists work.

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