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went in for a short hair cut...i work in a factory and it is hot!! asked for it cut around the ears, #2 clippers at nape but left alittle longer on top due to thinning hair..well this is what i ended up with!

You can see where she has shaved off my streaks in the back! Geneva walmart ny and done by the salon MANAGER herself!!

Um can u say lose your license or try going back to school!!! I will NEVER again let these uneducated girls touch my head...thankgod it wasnt for a wedding ..never again!

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. hjd stated that there is a room for improvement of that she never even showed me the final result in mirror. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss bad quality of smartstyle haircut and associated monetary loss in the amount of $25. Smartstyle needs to issue a full refund according to poster's claims.

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Mountain Home, Arkansas, United States #1199016

Ok, as a stylist for 17 years, I have got to give my thoughts on this. First, do you realize how short a #2 is?

Of course it going to give you polka dots after shaving it that short! Common sense... Two, the stylists mistake, ( which actually one would think you should already know that if you tell her to use a number 2, so not so much a big mistake on her end) was simply not telling you a number 2 fade will leave you with polka dots! Yes your "streaks" are gone, but some common sense should have told you that would happen.

Not her fault for that. Third, a guy should never ever have his hair "streaked" as you call it that far down in the back if you like to keep your hair short. That's just ridiculous. You would have looked that way no matter where you went or how much you paid for your haircut...How about not blaming the stylist and saying her license should be revoked, and see your fault as well...

Hair grows back btw.

Hopefully you'll understand next time it's not the stylist that made your hair spotty, it's you asking for a number 2 fade! Better luck next time, take my advice and you won't end up with your hair looking like it does.


She did exactly as you said, the spots are from bleeding when you highlighted them. A #2 is a #2.

to Anonymous Romulus, New York, United States #1027850

no actually she was just supposed to use the #2 razor on the nape not right up to the crown! If she had done what i asked there wouldnt be any bleeding from streaks! I am an ex hairdresser from Canada..I do know what im talking about and was very precise on instructions!

to hjd Mountain Home, Arkansas, United States #1199019

By reading your complaint, you sound nothing like an experienced stylist. A number two only at the nape and then what?

It still needs to be blended... Would have STILL shown the polka dots. I'm sure it looked polka dotted anyway before the hair cut, I know this because you say NUMBER 2. So it was already short, or you want some kind of silly shave under long hair?

The spots are too big to not have been, unless you had long hair? You left info out and made a complaint without details. Perhaps you should go back to school to understand all of this... If you truly are a stylist that is capable of giving precise instructions.

Why would you be surprised either if she shaved to the to the crown whether she showed you the back or not.

You would have known. Gimmes break.


Lol sorry just had to laugh....

This is a norm for some....

Going back to school was the problem to begin with...most school teach just what they have to...the state exam.

Fyi...and for most of the students they don't even want to learn that.

So before u chose a person (stylist;-) to cut your hair...

Ask how many repeat clients they have;)))

And I hope u didn't pay for this? And if u did...I hope u didn't tip!!

Asheboro, North Carolina, United States #1026569

I don't see what is wrong with it. Please elaborate, and what are 'streaks'?

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