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Every time I go in about once a month to get my hair colored and I keep saying I want to be blonde, yet 6months later the color is still red with brown and I want to be bloned.I hear one excuse after another and I keep getting told my hair just does not want to go blonde.

Then how do celebrities change their hair color many times. No one is there to answer the phone. I guess they must not want business. I recently went for the last time when I said again, "make me blonde " and at one point she needed more color and asked another girl to mix my color and when it was done, there were gray patches and it was red and brown!

I also had to remind the young lady to thin my hair out because she forgot. I'm done throwing money down their drain. Don't go to the one in Broomfield, Co. Off of 136th and Huron.

It sucks.Does not look blonde but reddish brown!

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the red is very nice , u should go with highlights and u would be looking amazing .

and go and do highlights everytime that is how u can get blond in very safety way .


It's difficult to determine the problem from the information given.Did you have a lot of box color prior to asking them to make you blond?

If you have layers of artificial color, it often takes multiple processes to achieve that result as you have to lift out all the old color, which is WAY harder to lighten than natural color. I'm a hair stylist of almost 15 years, so I'll help the best I can. If you could please provide pictures of what you are wanting, and a before, it would paint a clearer picture of where things are falling short, and also it helps to use an unfiltered, unedited picture that's clear to see the present color the way it appears day to day! And not to be condescending, but celebrities have personal stylists, or reserve an all day appointment at a high end Beverly Hills salon that charges hundreds and thousands of dollars for color!

They don't go to a conveyer assembly line budget chain salon that doesn't specialize in major color changes or building client relations!

And even then, celebrities do major transformations over a period of time, too!See Khloe Kardashian's hair that she went super blonde over the course of a year plus!

Raleigh, North Carolina, United States #1067097

Personally, I believe we should play the cards we are dealt.What's up with wanting to change hair color anyway.

WIth your skin tone(as best as I can determine in the picture) Blond just wouldn't work.

You are a fox babe.Don't mess it up.


If your hair has red in it naturally it is hard to make it hold the blonde color.Celebrities can do it because they have money to spend a fortune on it and high end salons to do it for them.

I have the same problem....But the opposite end of the spectrum.

I try to go darker from my blonde and my hair just won't hold the color very long and it ALWAYS has a red tint.I am usually very impressed with how my hair looks after they do it...and I'm spending les than $100.

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