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I went into smartstyle to get my hair colored and highlighted. I asked for a heavy blond highlight with hint of a reddish color.

My hair has been done 4 times since last Sunday.

The 1st time I showed the girl the picture, she acknowledged it.

After she washed out my hair, it was dark. There was barely any blonde.

( I am going to add my hair before, I don't have one of the 1st color/ highlight.. But I do of the second try ( same day , same stylist). Then I called and talked to the manager Shawna. Made an appt to come back in because the 2nd time my hair was orange!! So I came in for the second time ( 3rd process). Same instructions , showed her the pic. I came out with even darker hair after she was told I wanted heavy blonde. I did not like it either and I told her to call manager and I'd be back to get it fixed. So I went into the ankeny store where the manager put in a Malibu..and told me to come in Monday..ok she also knew I wanted heavy blonde! They all saw the pic. So I will try and edit my pics.to reflect all the visits and the before pic. I included the pic of what i wanted. I should get my money back plus compensated for all the time I spent there and I still have to go somewhere to get done. And it won't be there!

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss bad quality of smartstyle hair highlighting. Smartstyle needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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Baltimore, Maryland, United States #1257636

Ok... you went to *** Walmart to get your hair done....

no stylist with any self respect would ever work at that trashy *** salon unless they were absolutely desperate.(which it is rare a good one is) You get what you pay for! If it were kmartthis would be called a blue light special!


Ooh I really like the one where you claim it's orange...that is the prettiest one out of all of them, and I can't imagine any other color would look hetter..it makes you look a lot younger, and makes your skin tone look really pretty


My question is, how much box color did you have in your hair prior to this? The stylist should have told you that getting that blonde would be a process since your hair may not pull that blonde/going that blonde would compromise your hairs integrity. If the problem is truly the stylists fault, look up the smartstyle guest services number and call to see what they can do.

to stylist Mountain View, California, United States #974328

It's very nice to see a true Stylist acknowledge when a process wasn't done rite! As for MY BAD EXPERIENCE at a Smart Styles Salon it had nothing to do with coloring - my hair got Butchered!

I wish I had enough left to do something with it!

Never the less the 3 'Stylists' that worked on my hair kept assuring me that the KNEW EXACTLY WHAT I WANTED!!!

They TALKED & ACTED like they knew what they were doing!

I don't know the victim above but I'd bet if asked she probably felt the same way - that the Stylist was competent - otherwise we as customers would never sit in their chairs!

to stylist #1082267

I don't have box color in my hair. I am a cosmetologist.

I just dont work as a stylist at the moment , I am a massage therapist now. And I know what I was talking about and I showed them the same *** pic everytime!! They should know what they are doing! They went to school!!

Just like me!! And the biggest problem is the last one that did my hair was a manager and she has been doing g hair for 20 plus years.

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