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Went for trim. Hair butt length.

Girl screwed up and manager had to fix. Now my hair is shoulder length, i cried during the fix. I am tramatized by this. I hate this hair length.

The manager michelle was great and tried to make me happy with this cut. But bottom line, the young stylist screwed up and now i have to look at a cut/ length that I hate with my heart and sole. My long hair was everything to me. I might have to go further with this situation.

I hate looking at myself due to this hair. May have to price hair extensions while growing out.

Product or Service Mentioned: Smartstyle Hair Perm.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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What is wrong with you people? Who cares what you think of her hair?

Or how frizzy it is? The point is, you should get what you ask for. If I asked for a trim and came out with 4 inches of hair missing I’d be pissed!!! And what is the deal with the tip?

I don’t see anywhere that it says she tipped. And, if she did maybe it was to the nice woman that tried to fix it.


Your ends were a frizzy hot mess of *** 80’s hair. Grow up, suck it up and good luck on those hair extensions.


I'm pretty confident that you were told numerous times that your ends were dry and brittle and you refused to let anyone cut the dead ends off for yrs. If you thought that looked hot you need to face reality.

That is a hot mess of frizz,you see length,as professionals we see reality and care what your hair looks like because you are our walking advertisement. I also think you have an insecurity problem and needed to hide behind your hair.

Now your hair looks gorgeous and healthy with a more updated style and now people can see you instead of all that hair. I guarantee you people were thinking omg she needs to do something with that hair,not thinking it's beautiful like you do.


I think your hair looked terrible long. It looks much better now. Super long hair on an older lady makes you look even older.

Melbourne, Florida, United States #1273081

The same thing happened to me in a Melbourne Fl smartstyle. They ruined my hair.

Corp. Office gave my money back only for hair cut would not refund the tip. Said that it was a "gift" for stylist. Bull ***.

That was a slap in the face. She butchers my hair and gets to keep my money.

No one should EVER go there. Incompetent people.

to Anonymous Laurel, Maryland, United States #1273184

Another princess!!! Grow up

to Anonymous #1314813

Why did you tip her at all if you weren't happy with her services? A tip is not required or mandatory, it is earned.

A tip should be for someone who did a good job, went above and beyond what was required of them and made their customer happy. If they didn't do a good job and you're not happy, don't tip.

to Anonymous Gloucester, Ontario, Canada #1318539

Iam sick of hearing bad service so tipping makes you think that person was happy.

to Anonymous #1329910

So you paid & tipped for an awful cut? Sounds fishy to me...

to Anonymous #1412853

Why did you tip if it was so bad?

Laurel, Maryland, United States #1272174

Whiny princess!!! Grow up and be an adult.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #1271460

I think it looks good. Healthier.

And also makes you look 20yrs younger. Really

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