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I will NEVER have my hair cut at any smartstyle again. I went to Jacksboro, tennessee.

I wear my hair feathered back on the crown of my head. The rest is long. She cut my bangs so short tgey dont lay flat. She only cut the top and right side.

I went back and had another stylist recut it. I get home and it is longer on the left side. I went to the clinton store to hopefully get it redone right. It is still uneven.

There is no way i can have it cut again. I would be bald!

Customers beware DO NOT get your hair done at any location of this salon . I will post a picture of my chopped bangs

This reviewer shared experience about bad quality and wants this business to read this review and look into the issue (if any). Alou67 is overall dissatisfied with Smartstyle and uploaded a picture. Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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My god you are hideous quit complaining at least it draws attention away from your face.

to Anonymous #1160857

You people are unbelievable. I thought this site was to let consumers be aware of your experience.

I posted a picture so you could see how bad my haircut is.

Do you think so little of yourselves that you have to put people down to make you feel better about how ugly you are? You can all *** off and grow up and get a *** life!

to Alou67 #1160872

You are replying anonymous because you are ashamed of the way you look to yourself and others

to Alou67 Grandville, Michigan, United States #1206918


You are beautiful and don't let these idiots get to you. The same "anonymous" has been posting all over the place as she obviously has issues.

She can't spell number one in the list goes on and I'm contradicting ensure her IQ is less than that Of something that comes out of your ***.

Anyways, that is why the sites here and a lot of people have issues so thank you for your help. This girl or whatever works for them and obviously has to put others down to make yourself feel better because she's ugly inside & very unhappy.

to Anonymous Grandville, Michigan, United States #1206921

My apologies I did voice to text. Anyways I'm sure you get the point.

It was supposed to say she contradicts herself on numerous occasions along with she obviously has issues. She works there and is defending this place all over the website because she is A VERY VERY VERY ugly person inside, and is obviously unhappy with herself, so she tries to put others down to make herself feel better..

to Anonymous #1165601

Wow, you're a total tool. Get a life.

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