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I went to get my hair cut yesterday and the young girl that done my hair messed it up so badly that another lady tried to help fix it and ended up having to *** all of my hair... Phenix city Alabama...i have no hair left and alot of very bad gaps all around what little is left I would suggest no one ever go in there to have their hair done or anything else the place should be shut down...they even charged me $ 23.50...this has caused me to become very Depressed!

Review about: Smartstyle Haircut.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Kokomo, Indiana, United States #1082205

Ooh I honestly think that looks cute :) not everyone could pull off having short hair, but your face is thin enough it looks good.


Don't be so depressed. Little children in cancer wards wish they had your problem.

You'res will grow back. Their's will not.

to Anonymous #1004927

Now, she has a right to be sad about her hair. I just finished cancer treatment last year, and my hair is growing back, so children in cancer wards can pretty much expect their hair to grow back after the harsh chemotherapy treatments are over.

Before mine started falling out, I had people telling me I shouldn't be upset that I would lose it all, because it will grow back. Yeah, getting rid of cancer is more important, but still becoming completely bald is still an emotional experience, and one which we shouldn't reprimand others about. Yes, her hair will grow back, but she has the right to be sad about what was done to it.

Now, if she can find a good hairdresser who can help her let her hair grow back out and only give it proper trimmings.


They did mess your hair up! It will grow, but meantime, I know you are depressed. I would never go back there, if I were you.

Huntsville, Texas, United States #922062

WOW- so sorry that happened. I had a ridiculous cut once that I had to grow out.

Did not feel like going anywhere to show myself in that condition. I used a short wiglike piece while it grew out tht you could pull your own hair through the netting to anchor it and make the piece look more natural. In a way, with it being winter, you could get it grown out a few inches wearing knit hats and berets as a fashion statement for a few months... and put the focus on your beautiful eyes during the winter season.

By spring, it will be a fabulous length again- and I wouldn't let anybody touch it to even things out until late March at the earliest. Use that time to vet a new stylist, by asking people you see... who does their hair???

People are flattered usually when you ask, and will gladly tell you the name of their stylist. Then go in for a chat with her/him and see if you get a good vibe.

Best wishes.

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