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To whom it may concern-im a mother who brought her ten year old son to the smartstyle in Walmartsin GLENVILLE. The young lady(Megan) who did my sons haircut-has no manners&she did "awful", job on his haircut!!She did not do what I told her to do!!

I told her to cut the back&sides very short(like a#2) but leave hair on the top & I show her With my fingers about inch of hair on top..She said so you want enough to "spike"on top..I said "YES"!! Ok so you want zero on back &sides I SAID no a#2&to leave some hair on top of his head..She starts shaving it down &I notice my son who gets "edgy" when nervous.-getting nervous&i saw her cutting alot of it off-so I move over to them closer to watch. All of sudden she starting to cut close to top of head&she bangs into the Top of his head with the razor&he jumps& she said don't worry honey I'm not going to hurt you (But she already did &that's why he jumped in chair(duh!!)Then, I saw she cut alot in the spot that she banged him in head with razor ..So I expected her to say> I'm sorry i accidently banged him&I didn't mean it &I have cut it little shorter&I'll pay for cut if you want..No she just kept on cutting it&then went to cut it shorter in back more-But I stopped her and said No don't cut anymore-too cut it too short on top &left no hair&you banged him in head with razor as it was..We got into a little "argument",because she said I WANTED it all #2..She DID that &I told her I told you leave hair on top of his head&you said you want "spike"I said yes&she told me no you didn't you said no!!So she called me LIAR!!So like I told the manager "Dana"-(518)374-5851-i probably wouldn't been so angry &would of understood more(we all make mistakes-no ones perfect)but my son jumps when you bang him in head&you don't say I'm sorry or apologize to him&just pretend to cover your mistake!! Then I got charged for your mistake¬ what I asked for!!I think that young lady "Megan"- should pay for haircut-it was her mistake..I'm not a mean women&believe me I've been going to that salon for years-as long as it's been there!!I've been there since you change color theme from Brown &royal blue!!i've never had problem!!But NO APOLIGY TO MY SON OR IM SORRY:-( NO MANNERS)-i will never go to her again!!

LOOK AT THE PICTURE BELOW DO YOU SEE ANY HAIR ON TOP OF HIS HEAD??THATS A "CREW CUT"!! R."JEAN" Allen-im very mad&upset with how haircut turned out&Also how she has no manners!!

user86341015 wrote the review because of bad quality at Smartstyle and attached a photo. Reviewer claimed that he or she wants Smartstyle to read this review and look into the issue (if any).

The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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