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This is me the brunette. I asked for my perm to be the large spiral curls like this blonde in the photo.

I showed them this exact photo. I had to go two days in a row to get my hair done, then fixed and it was still not done right. My hair is now fried on top of that. These stylists are LAZY and right out of school.

The manager left her to fix my hair and should have helped her. I spent over $100 for jacked up hair.

Im so mad. I want a refund and treatments for the damaged hair.

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I’m sorry about your experience but, looking at the picture of the style you want, that’s not a perm. That’s from a curling iron and no perm will look like that unless YOU style it that way. A professional stylist should have told you that right on the spot.


I agree with the others. The curls in the picture are not a result of a perm.

That person used some type of curling iron, which you could have purchased with the $100 you wasted on the perm. Your stylist was very shady in not telling you this look wasn't achieved through a perm. And yes, your hair desperately needs some deep conditioning treatments.

If I were you, I'd also get some leave in conditioning spray. Argan Oil leave in spray by Organix works very well on dry, damaged hair.


Good on you. Do not let them get away with it.


omghsss girl , first of all this hair style is from a curling iron set ,and the hair stylist should told u that .

she cant promise u something that she cant do .

that is why u always say u can get close that that and not the exact thing .

never let clients thinking u can do it if u cant ,i m sorry but is the true reality of life stylists .

now we have a sad girl with her hair and u guys still charge her for condition ? that s crazy now .

plzzz guys if the hairstyle did a mistake u need to go back to the same one .

cuz now the other stylist that have nothing to do with her mess will waist her time and money for make u happy .

its not fair for the hair stylist that didnt do the error in first place ,. be wise when u choose a hairstylist .

Gwynn Oak, Maryland, United States #1199378

For One The Blonde Is Not A Perm , It's Thermal Curled .


Hair stylist here! (I don't work for this company, though) First, a previous poster is correct, this is not a realistic outcome for a perm, the picture is of a curling iron style out.

Perms are great for creating NATURAL curl formation, however! But the stylist should have communicated that and shown you what results to expect before servicing you. Also, in the future I would recommend searching out a salon known for perms or curly clientele! Yelp and Google is your friend!

You can't expect an Ouidad/Devacurl $300 designer perm from an in-and-out chop shop with young stylists fresh out of school, many of the recent ones aren't even trained properly to perm anymore like they were 20 years ago. With MOST salons(because there are exceptions of course!) you DO get what you pay for, and it's worth a little more to me to have the service performed perfectly the first time than to pay a cheaper price three times and you may still not get what you want after all that!

Good luck with the curls! If you were in the DFW Texas area I'd be more than happy to take care of you!


It was done to me too $95.00 and two perms later burn and falling out hair got money but it don't fix my hair then they had the nerve o tell to pay for deep conditioning pay for the mistake they made I am *** and want to sue badly


Your stylist should have explained to you that perms do not look like this, this is a curling iron set. Sorry to hear about your experience.

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