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I am beyond livid!I took my 23-month-old foster son in to get a trim.

He has naturally curly hair that I just love. I asked the stylist to give him a trim to clean him up a little bit and he literally butchered his hair! I clearly stated that I wanted to keep his curls and even commented that I was glad to see the stylist had curly hair as well so he understood. He nodded at the comment and began to cut.

I stepped away for a few seconds to grab a tissue because my little one was crying and his nose was running and when I came back he had literally cut inches off his hair! I said, "OMG you took his curls off"! He didn't respond. Just kept cutting.

A minute later I took the cape off my little man and threw it at the stylist. I said enough! If you keep cutting he will be bald. I then went to the counter and said, "I am not happy at all!" She asked me if we had discussed what I wanted.

Does anyone get a haircut without first telling them?! I started to cry because there is no fixing this! I am so angry that I just want to go back in there and punch the guy! The first photo shows what his hair looked like.

The second photo shows what he did. Disgusting! The third photo is what I asked for.

Unbelievable!I feel like he purposely did this!

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. partangel stated that there is a room for improvement of stylist and did not get what i requested. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss bad quality of smartstyle haircut and associated monetary loss in the amount of $500. Smartstyle needs to offer any options to resolve the issue according to poster's claims.

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listen lady I'm a hairstylist sometimes when kids are young like that, they are born with curly hair..sometimes after the first haircut the curls are just cut off, the stylist did nothing wrong but cut your sons hair, Fortunately hair grows back you need to understand that sometimes they are just curls.....get over it...


Hair grows back.What's the big deal?

Explaining a haircut to your whole family??? Seems like you guys have never encountered "real" problems in life to worry about.

Petty people!Smh.

to Autumn #1384014

Autumn seems your as clueless as a dead leaf. She is foster mother nothing major there. Focus on those Barbie heads and color charts.

San Jose, California, United States #1239644

He looks better!You can tell this he's a boy now!

I bet within 2 weeks, his curls will be back. I can't believe you would cry over something so silly.

You really overacted, especially the part where you threw the cape at the stylist.

to Anonymous #1239700

Looks better?Are you kidding me?

He looks like he received a bad mullet cut. Apparently, you know nothing about hair. This will take months for it to grow back. This is not silly.

First, I loved his curls, he was adorable. Second, he has always looked like a boy, never a question about that. Third, he is a foster son, meaning I have permission from the birth parents to trim his hair, not cut it all off! He goes on a visit in a few days, perhaps it will grow back by then?

I don't think so. Let's not forget the fact that what I had asked for was a little trim. What the stylist did was *** all of his hair. The complete opposite!

Do you often pay for something you didn't ask for?

Finally, we have to postpone his two-year photos, we have family coming in for the holidays, whom will all be shocked when they see him.Despite what you think, this is devastating to us.

to partangel Portland, Oregon, United States #1242971

This guy was claiming your son was a girl, not making fun of his hair

to partangel #1384008

Exactly the place is a *** slaughterhouse house!They are all uneducated and I have yet to make my posts on several very well known sites, newspapers about the idiots in Westfield.

MA.Way to tell him mom!

to partangel #1384605

Exactly!They did the same thing!

$1,200 plus later to me I am taking them to court now. Not trained kids here.

Salon Academy is where they "study" most of them.Sorry to hear about your son.

to Anonymous Ottawa, Ontario, Canada #1318546

I agree parents should show a picture so there is no bad out comes.

to Anonymous #1384004

You must be a stylist

Lions Head, Ontario, Canada #1239634

My sons hair is just like that I would be kissed too.

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