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To whom it may concern,

My name is DiAnna Luby, and until November 13, 2011, I was employed at your Smart Styles #34052. When I was initially hired by your company, there were 3 women in this store, 2 whom were pregnant, and the other... well she quit a short time after.. The manager of the salon, Missy Dallas hired me because she was leaving within 2 weeks of my start date. After Missy went on leave, it was down to myself, Courtney, the acting manager, and another woman, whom left within a week or two of Missy leaving. So now it is down to Courtney and myself. Courtney was great to work for... her and I together came up with a schedule that we both could work with... Of course, I took it upon myself to do everything, so Courtney could come i and just cut hair.. She had swollen ankles, and although she never complained once, I felt the need to go above and beyond my duties, to make her as comfortable as possible. For two months, Courtney and I worked side by side... We did not have any issues, as far as unhappy customers, money shortages, and unhappy employees... Things ran smooth, because we worked as a team.

The problems with Missy started the day she returned to work.. Missy returned on 09/10/2011, and Courtney and I looked forward to her return. Of course, we were exhausted, and was ready for a little relief. The day Missy came back, I was scheduled noon to 8 pm. I came in, and Missy was standing behind the register.. I said "hey Boss, welcome back, and good to see ya". Her response wasn't a "hey", or "glad to be back" or "nice to see u too", she IMMEDIATELY scolded me about a break I didn't take on my shift from the night before.. I explained that I was only scheduled for 5 hours, and at the end of the night, I got 2 cuts, that came in together.. When I got them out of the salon, it was 8:10 pm, I believe, and I did my cash out. At that time, it informed me that I missed a break.. I WAS NOT AWARE OF THIS UNTIL I CLOCKED OUT, which was then, too late. I was fine, it was the extra 15 minutes that pushed me over that time... (That was something that was out of my control, but I got written up for it anyways..) As I turned to walk away, she got snotty telling me to "get that Coke off your station", which was forgotten the night before. Later on, Missy sent Courtney home because we weren't that busy.. Around 3:15pm, it was dead in the salon, so I walked to the bathroom next door. When I came back, there was a woman just signing in, and since we go in order with walk ins, this woman was clearly MY CLIENT. Missy excused me to the backroom, to clean the color shelves, and to make a color list, because "Courtney surely isn't thorough when doing her job", as Missy said it, in front of the client. Although I was upset, I didn't say anything to Missy, and did as I was told. A week later, we had our "Connections" meeting on Sunday. For almost a week prior, I had been sick, not feeling good, with stomach issues.. just felt horrible, and everyone in salon knew I felt bad. On this particular day, I came in, and immediately tried to switch over laundry.. (just habit, I think) Of course, Missy got snotty with me, and wanted to write me up, once again... So, I left laundry where it was, and found my seat in the salon. As I grabbed my tummy, I said, "oh, I'm not into this today", and Missy asked me what I thought I may have... I said I wasn't sure, and we went on with the meeting. After the meeting, I went to the bathroom, and when I came back, Courtney was gone. Missy got in my face telling me she didn't appreciate me "verbally attacking her" and that if it happened again, she would write me up... At that point, I wasn't really sure why she had attitudes towards me, so I called Charlotte Slate the next day. Charlotte told me she would talk to Missy and get back to me. The following day, Charlotte called, said she spoke to Missy, that Missy apologized and said it wouldn't happen again.. That lasted for a whole 4 days, then things started going south once again.. It started out just small things... being snappy for no reason, slamming things around for no reason. Missy told me at this point that she WAS THE BOSS, THAT SHE WAS BACK, AND WHATEVER DEALINGS COURTNEY AND I HAD, WERE DONE, BECAUSE SHE WAS BACK. Not sure what that meant exactly, but OK... From that point on, Missy refused to smile, speak or anything, she only decided she would talk if she had something negative to say. Missy has done things to belittle me in front of customers, as well as say unnecessary things about Courtney, her assistant manager. She has made sure to let me know that "she doesn't know what they would do if I didn't come along, there wouldn't be anyone to take the trash out", in front of clients, of course.. Not only was that inappropriate to say, in front of clients, but also made me feel crappy for no other reason, than because she is "THE BOSS" and she feels she can.

By this point, I am losing hours, fighting to make commission, all because Missy deliberately would send me home early, and on one or two occasions, has called me and told me to come in at a later time, even though I was already scheduled for a specific time. In the beginning of October, I was servicing one of my regulars, when a woman came in and asked for Missy. I told the woman that Missy wouldn't be in, and although the older woman made it very clear THAT I WASNT MISSY AND THAT I WOULDNT DO, she would let me do her perm anyways.. So, I went ahead with her perm, because I never refuse a client. Not only did she receive a beautiful perm, her hair was trimmed as she asked me to do it, and she said she was satisfied when she left my chair. The woman did not ask for a haircut, asked me to trim a "few fuzzy spots" she had, and I did just that. She tipped me and left. (my regular client can attest to this, because she was also appalled by the woman's tone and actions) The next day, I came in to work, and the first thing I did was tell Missy I needed to speak to her about the incident from the day before. Between her sisters, her boyfriend, the new baby and 2 kids running around, she was more anxious to run out the door, as I was talking, then to be the manager and deal with the situation at hand. After she left, I punched on the clock, and saw that I was starting my day at -$15.95.... hmmm, why is that??, I wondered. Well, I contacted Missy, asking her why I was in the red starting out, and she proceeded to tell me that the same woman from the day before, came in complaining that I was rude to her, that I ignored her, and that she didn't get the cut she wanted.. So Missy gave her a haircut, at my expense, when the woman never asked for one, as well as, she was rude to me the entire time she was in my chair. Not one time did I ever become rude, or unprofessional, I smiled, did as she asked, and got her out of my chair as soon as I could. I would have never made this client happy, no matter what I would have done, and Missy told me that the woman was rude, because I wasn't her... yet, she took a credit from me to do a cut on the woman, when she didn't want a cut. Missy would not talk to me about it, wouldn't at least, split the cost or anything. The client was allowed to be rude, and taking that wasn't enough, I also got to pay for her haircut. This is something Missy should have discussed with me when I came in, not run out the door while I'm still talking. I again, call Charlotte, making her aware there was a problem. At this time, Charlotte turns it back to me, tells me to talk to Missy, and doesn't say anything more about it. From this day forward, Missy would not talk to me about anything, she would not be pleasant, nor a true "boss". She only felt the need to speak if she was belittling me or thought she had something on me.

A week before Halloween, I came in to a note in my drawer stating "clean your station", compliments of Missy. I took the sign out of my drawer, stepped back, took a look at my station, then Missy's and Holly's, and realized mine was in better condition and much cleaner. I took the sign and laid it on her desk. That afternoon, Holly, the newest employee, came in, saw the note, rolled her eyes, and said she didn't even wanna look in hers. Holly proceeded to say that Missy wasn't very nice, then the next day, Holly gave her notice, and was gone. On October 31st, Missy came in, and worked 2 hours with me. In that time, ALL SHE SAID TO ME was that I would have fun changing posters and doing the monthly promotions... I asked what that meant, and her response to me was that I would figure it out. OK....... Then she sent me home. The next morning, I came in.. the salon was dirty as always... I have to sweep the floors and trash and laundry, before I can open for the day.... Missy was not busy the night before, and she was more than capable of leaving product out, leaving signs out or something... She didn't do any of these things, she didn't even leave out the planner book provided to the stores. After 2 hours of searching for the book, signs and products, I completed that task, all on my own. I have never had to deal with any sign changes or promotional product changes, because the manager or assistant has done them since I started. But again, I am smarter than the average bear and figured it out with no help from my salon manager. While changing signs, I noticed that the salon was FILTHY DIRTY. So much dust and grime, it was embarrassingly disgusting. On November 1st, Missy came in moody, as always, and said something about me cleaning a product shelf, that it needed to be done ASAP. Now mind you, I am the only one that cleans around the salon, but OK.... The next day, I was scheduled for a morning shift, so I came in, ready to clean the place up some. WITH MY OWN MONEY, I bought cleaning supplies, as well as, borrowed a mop n bucket from WalMart. I spent my entire shift washing walls, washing cabinets, dryer bowls, shampoo bowls, mirrors, black trim on top n bottom of the wall, as well as wiping retail products down.. This took me the entire shift, and although I only got to the register wall, and had to stop, my efforts were not only noticeable, it smelled great, and no matter who walked by, they stopped to let me know how pleasant it was, and good to see, also.. Missy came in, didn't say thank you, or anything, but made sure I knew that I had better not have spent company money on anything I used to clean that day. I made sure she knew where I stopped cleaning, figuring she would finish the wall the register is on, as well as the wall her work station sits on... She said something about not getting on a ladder for any reason, and that was that. I had the following day off, November 3rd, 2011. When I returned to work on that Friday, I saw that Missy did absolutely nothing to help finish the huge task of cleaning that I started. Missy didn't help at all, yet, wasn't very busy the day before. When Missy came in that afternoon, I had a client in my chair, that once was Missy's.. The woman told me that every time Missy cuts her hair, she always has to pay again, for someone else to fix it. so if Missy is int he salon, the woman walks on by. She felt she would give me a try, and was extremely pleased when she left my chair.. Missy, of course, was angry, and appeared to be... She went on to slamming things around, and after 20 minutes, she sent me home.

November 5Th, 2011- I was scheduled to come in at 3pm, which is unusual for a Saturday.. The salon was full, and although Missy didn't speak to me, you could tell she was pissed off about it.. So, I jumped right in, and started servicing clients... I have my first client in my chair, whom is accompanied by her boyfriend, and mother. The girl stated to me, that she got a bad haircut from Eastview Mall, and begged me to fix it. As I am doing my client consultation, Missy comes out of no where, flinges the cabinet door open, that houses the dirty laundry basket, rushes back to the back room, slams the basket into the washer, slamming the dryer door, just being awful for no reason. My client saw this, her mother made a comment about it, and took a comment card as they left. The girl was extremely pleased with the service I gave her, and said I was her new girl.... She also said that I should report Missy's behaviors to my manager, that she couldn't work with someone like that... Embarrassed, I said, "meet my manager, Missy." She and her mother were in shock, and disbelief. While this client was there, Missy just goes and disappears without saying anything. Walk ins start coming, and I tell them Missy went to the bathroom, so people are waiting. When Missy finally comes back, she snaps at me that she is on break, and proceeds to go to the back to sit in the dryer chair, steadily texting on her phone. Had she said she was taking her break, as most people would do, I could have handled the walk ins better, and less people would have been upset over it. No communication makes things run less than smoothly..

Over the course of my time in the salon, I have gone way above and beyond for this company. The entire time Missy was gone, Courtney and I worked AS A TEAM, I never had any complaints, nor money shortages.. Since Missy returned, I went from being the hardest working employee there to being without a job. I tried to speak to Missy about things Courtney and I did while she was away, and her response was this.."I am the manager, and i am back, so get used to it." She told me, more or less, that I will take whatever hours she doesn't want, and that was that.. At this time, I tried talking to Missy about the note she left in my drawer, as well as her constant negativity towards me. her response was simple... Missy made it very clear that although I acted as if I wanted her to be my friend, she wasn't my friend, she was my boss. That's fine.... you can be civil, nice and smile to people you don't call a friend.. I feel that if she can be nice to someone that passes through the salon, she should be able to be nice to her employees.

I have had stuff come up missing out of my drawer, as well as things broken. My son gave me a pair of glass and gold trimmed scissors with a "beautician" saying on the card, which was sitting on the glass shelf. between my and Courtney's work stations. During my cleaning spree, i noticed they had been snapped into 4 pieces and put back into the box. When I brought this to Missy's attention, her only response was, "It had to be kids"... There is no way kids could have crawled up to these shelves... I wouldn't break something that was so precious to me, and she was the only other person there... Missy has mentioned over and over about our cash shortages to me, as if they were my fault. I have no concerns of these, as I have never had any issues with shortages, til her and I worked together.... When I work alone or with anyone else, I am always EVEN or a few cents off... never in such great amounts. The day our shift came up -$24.95, Missy complained about being broke and not making any money... A couple days after that, Missy came in, called me to the register, and proceeded to tell me we were now on "cash control", all i said was that "its about time". That day, she counted the drawer at the start of her shift, and to my knowledge, it was never done again, any day after.

I was taught how to set up and use the scanner for inventory, while Missy was away. Charlotte called and asked that I scan all Paul Mitchell products, and let her know ASAP that it was done. By the time Missy came into work, I had the scanner linked, and had just started tagging shelves. Missy was mad because I was doing it, asked if Charlotte TOLD ME TO DO IT, and said she had no idea that I knew how to.. As I scanned, I had some 33% more cans of spray, along with other things... Missy stood there, watched me do it, knowing the UPCs were different, and not once offered the information on how to do it accurately. Instead she waited by the phone knowing a call would come in saying it wasn't right. At that point, Missy began the scanning again, telling me "I should have known they were different, since I knew everything." That was all she said. Missy has talked about me to employees of WalMart, as well as the employees of the bank.

On November 12, 2011, I opened the salon.. Had 2 clients before Missy came in. Of course, she made her entrance looking miserable, did not speak to me, did not address my client, and slammed stuff, as usual. My client was processing highlights, so I could have fit 2 or 3 cuts in, during that time... As the paperwork will show, Missy BLEW THRU CLIENTS, taking every one, leaving me with only the two I did prior to the start of her shift. Missy got a client in her chair, and at that point, myself and my client, witnessed and HEARD her talking negatively about me to her client.. Missy and I live 10 minutes from her, and the client she was talking to, runs a store that is well known in our area. I know of the woman, but her son, Eric, is someone I know personally, but Missy did not know that I knew him... Not ever have I given him a haircut, not ever. But according to Missy, I messed up his hair, bad enough that she had to shave it, and that I sucked... So if she can talk about me with me being right there, what has she said when I wasn't there?? My client and I were surprised, and none the less, my client requested a comment card, with my business card stapled to it... After my client left, I punched off the clock, and went home. As I left the salon, I called Charlotte to let her know something happened, and for her to please call me ASAP. Right after, Missy called her, told her I walked off the job and quit... Charlotte did not call me back til 2 days later, but called Missy ASAP... I realize Missy is the manager, but being aware there was a problem from the start, wouldn't you phone the first person that called? I did not quit, I did not forfeit my position at Smart Styles... Missy planned to send me home early that day, as always, and I left, so I didn't cause a scene, because my feelings were hurt. On November 13, 2011, Missy called me to tell me I was no longer needed at HER salon, and to return HER key. After 4 calls to Charlotte, She finally called me on Monday, November 14, 2011. Right off the bat, she talked to me as if I did something wrong.. She argued with me saying that Missy did not fire me, that I quit. Not only did Missy fire me, she told Courtney that she had to let me go and it wasn't her choice... Of course it wasn't her choice, she HAD TO FIRE ME, because she told Charlotte two days before, that I quit.. Since then, I have called Donna twice, with no return calls. I am sickened by this. To me, a manager is way more that a title and a paycheck.. A great manager starts with happy employees.. I have been a boss, and had a few bosses, but never have I dealt with anything like this.. I have had employees I would never say was my friend, however, being an assertive boss can be accomplished through understanding, sensitivity and willingness to listen to others thoughts and complaints, no matter what they are. Being a boss isn't necessarily from knowledge of the business at hand, but more so the understanding and compassion that people are human. A great boss never asks an employee to do anything they wouldn't do themselves, nor slam the door in their employees faces when issues arise. How can one manage a place, with no employees to manage? I think it sucks that I have been dealt with in this manner, by a company that so many people know, and love I love my job, love my clients, and the very fact that this company offers continued education... What I cant believe is that this company allows their people of authority to treat people in this manner, and not once ever looking beyond the manager, but to the employee that works so freaken hard to make said company a dollar... Missy has repeatedly told me she is the "BOSS", yet does absolutely nothing to back up her words... I have never seen a person be all for themselves, not caring whos throat they cut in the process. Until Missy Dallas, I made very few mistakes, made lots of money for this salon, and not once ever complained unless there was a need. The problem Missy had was evident right from the start of her return, and nothing was ever done about her or her actions. To this day, no one has asked me what happened the day I punched off the clock, and knowing there was a problem, someone should have asked me something. I have always made sure I made commission, after Charlotte explained what Missy refused to.

I am a single mother of a boy with a disability with his feet... I do not sit on welfare, nor do I collect court ordered child support, I pay my way, as well as my sons, and can not afford to be without my job. Here it is, almost Christmas, and I am sitting unemployed, with no job in my sights. The economy sucks already, and being pushed out by a childish girl over jealousy just isnt fair.. Missy made comments in the past about me blowing her away in commissions, and that didnt sit well with her. Looking at my numbers from my start date, til Missy came back, it is very clear that I worked hard for this company, went above and beyond my duties to prove I worked hard, with absolutely no problems. If Courtney was talked to, she would also say I am an excellent employee, and dont deserve to be without a job. I am asking that any, and all accusations be looked into, and I am asking that you put me back to work, because I do not deserve to be without it.

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Sheridan, Arkansas, United States #903819

FYI you should get child support. Women that get child support are not wrong for having it court ordered.

Second I had a similar situation happen to me but I never assumed anything about my managers decisions because I knew she was bi-polar!


Wow. What a disaster.

I'm sorry I'm a few years late in reading this.

I think Dianna tried to make a bad situation good, however, her mistake was to not go farther than Charlotte on the corporate ladder, and in the meantime started interviewing with other salons. There should have been a sit down with all involved and a decision made to move on; either work together and let it go or vamanos leave goodbye see ya later. Missy was either taking her personal life to work or she was suffering some major post partum depression. Holy ***!

Drama in salons I never understood.

Dianna, I hope you found a good fit in another salon and didn't give up being a hairstylist. Best wishes raising your son and doing hair :)


Lake Worth Texas Smartstyles is so horrible. I had my hair butchered by a 400 lb woman doing her own color at the time she helped me.

The manager had done a great job before, but was leaving in 10 minutes so she told her what to do with my hair. She did not care one bit. She just butchered the *** out of my hair. My top most layer was at ear length, she chopped it off and the rest followed.

I now have a 1985 Joan Jett hair cut in 2013. DO NOT EVER GO HERE, EVER. YOU WILL REGRET IT. It will take me at least 6 months to grow it out again.

I have had coworkers, people at stores I visit and my 22 year old daughter tell me it looks like ***.

*** this place. No 400lb should be doing hair, they could care less how they look, and hate you for looking better, so beware.


I've been a hairdresser for 30+ years now, I BELIEVE DiAnna Luby! The reason I believe her is 2 resaons:SEEN IT,LIVED IT!Not in the city where this happened but it's generational.You don't stand behind the chair for as long as I have & not "seen it,lived it".DiAnna Luby,rest assured that you will find a GREAT SALON that would relish your type of effort & Professionalism.

@ HEREISTOALLYOUCRYBABIES~your name is Missy isn't it!?How did you know this would have been posted here?your little snitch,Courtney, rat Miss Luby out to you to see what was written?

AS FOR "soldierwhocantellwhoisbeingadr" YOU Know better!You are no longer a civilaian at the date of your post!You are a reflection of the United States Army!YOU should have kept your opinions & your comments out of this *** match!BACK out soldier!IF you feel this "devoted" to Missy then I think You should try to get her a job at the Barber shop on Fort. ITS NOT HARD to F-up a fade!I've seen more waves on the back of a sailors head coming out of the barber shop on Base!So step up,soldier,what d'ya say...get your girl a job!Let her fight that same "fight" in those trenches!I'll give her 2 days!I lay a $500 wager on it!

As for the game Missy was playing,Miss Luby, if Smart Styles has an "open door" policy you should have gone to Corporate HR and not stopped there if you still had issues.I worked at the Haircuttery for about 15years it wasn't until my final 6 months there in Eustis Florida that I had a "MISSY" too!I called corporate!Spoke to the Secretary to Dennis Ratner,THE OWNER!I made heads roll!! I told them that I felt as if I were working in a hostile work environment & that I though I might have a case against the company because of it.The Manager up to the Regional were dismissed!I had turned in my 2 week notice after I'd seen that.I opened my own salon! Our lives mirror each can be done!You sound like a good stylist!KEEP trying!Your heart is in the right place!

to Flhair1 Lafayette, Indiana, United States #656045

FLhair1- I agree with you on soldierboy and having seen this many times. I have used many salons and as a consumer, it is clear who thinks they are the boss and above others in the poorly managed and poorly customer service salons.

It appears Missy is wore out, possibly has postpartum blues and wants to bring everyone down with her. I have 5 children and saw a change in customer service and workplace appreciation about 10-15 years ago. Those that work the hardest are only rewarded with being given more work and less recognition, other than when they may decide to do as much as others; then they are belittled and down-trodded.

I feel for Di and home she gets/got a better job. I also am disappointed in the lack of support Di received from Charlotte whomever she is.

to Flhair1 Mobile, Alabama, United States #681134

I have had a Missy ,only difference is ,I know that I'm a great stylist and can find a ob anywhere , so I think she would have been put in her place , it is know way I would have taking all that abuse , know your worth


8) I have to laugh at some of the comments made about salon pros who can only service one type of client. Just so you all know...

some of us went to a vocational school where we were taught minimally about ethnic hair types. Now if you chose to go to an academy, you are fortunate to be taught all hair types and textures. So yes some pros were only taught how to do caucasian hair. The process for caring for african american differs greatly from that of caucasian hair.

The hair structure and processes that go into making the hair look fabulous. So when a service provider says they are unable to service you, be thankful they are being honest and not messing up your hair.


@Dianna Luby

after reading your complaint it's a shame.You will find a better job else where.You don't want to go back to that same salon where Missy trash is the manager.Her boss should be fired to.What you should have covered your behind get names and number of people have them right statements about the behavior that is taking place in the work place.You let it go on too long.I would have record her what ever it took...wrote down everything filied a form of harassment against her.Your BOSS as you stated Missy you can't go around doing people wrong.All I can say is What goes around comes around...So when that been said MIssy your fired right along with your boss charlotte the web.......P.S. I DONT NO ANY OF THESE LADIES....


I also walked ina Smart Style Salon.I was told that I had to wait to get my hair done by the next lady who is black.The white lady told me she couldn't do my hair.The funny thing was that all i wanted was my hair to be washed and pressed straight.I was 2 second off for going off on her.I was like what school did you goto an all white school.You can only do white people hair....well your in the wrong salon doing hair lady...yes just to let you now i'm half white and black......this happen in Springlake ,NC


After reading all of these comments, I have to say that the behavior of some of you reminds me of little teenage girls, standing by their lockers gossiping between classes.

No one verbally abuses you or pushes you around unless you give them permission to. If you dont respect yourself, no one else will either!

As for working conditions at SS, go over the heads of your wanna-be salon mgr's who obviously have NO idea how to manage anything, & contact coorporate. If necessary, hire an attorney to help your cause, & to expose the company.

Godo thing I wasn't sitting in a chair getting my hair done when the Mgr spoke to the stylist the way she did. I'd have ripped her a new one for doing so, THEN called coorporate myself & turned her in.






This is soo typical of peopel that are on a power trip. Missy needs to feel inferior to look good.

It's unfortunate that it was at your expense, but when she was out and the salon still functioned it showed her that she really isn't needed. Please don't stress this, it's easier for SS to keep her as manager so they won't have to take the time to actually hire someone who is actually qualified. People like her don't last long in anything that they do. I personally think that you intimidate her by knowing and doing your job, she knows that when you're there *** gets done (which makes her job easier) and probably done right.

There are other places that would appreciate your efforts and hard work.

If this is really bothering you, get in touch with your local Better Business Bureau. They will investigate to see if you have been treated unfairly as a HUMAN BEING.


Has anyone spoken to corporate about these issues? Not just your managers or supervisors, but home office? These type of connection breakdowns need to be addressed by the higher ups.







I know all the women in this salon, and by far, DiAnna is the best employee they had. What a shame.

I have seen this woman clean her tail off, and the haircuts she gives is fanominal... she is way better than what this salon deserves. It stinks that a business never looks past the manager for details, when problems arise.. Innocent people loose out when a rotten manager has the upper hand.

I boycotted the place, and know a few more customers that will not go there because of this.

DiAnna is a great person, awesome with kids, and a smile that can make any gloomy day brighter. Their loss, and surely someone elses gain!!!!


Ocala florida smart style treat employees unfairly. Dedicated employee for 3 years.

Went to the bank off the clock in the morn and in the eve for deposit. Told me I had 15 days to make commission or terminated after I just made commission last pay check. They use this kind of scare tactic to motivate employees to sell. IT is a shame that everyone is so fearful of management.

What a sad place to work. I do not need this treatment so I quit. They lost a valuable employee.

Bad company. Too many chiefs trying to run the show.


my aunt di is awesome. missy is mean.


I have had my hair cut, and have been waxed by DiAnna, and not only is she professional, she is easy to talk to and FANOMINAL WITH KIDS. My 7 year old son hates his hair cut, and anyone whom attempts to do it.

DiAnna comforted him, made it seem like a game, and before it was over, my little monster was hooked on her personality. I was in her chair once when her boss came in miserable and slamming things, then snapped at her to go home when she was finished with me. It didnt surprise me, but I felt bad for DiAnna, because she is a great person and total asset to that salon. I wish someone could tell me where DiAnna went to work...

I would follow her for sure. Sad it happened, especially around the holidays.


to Amy~ I worked under missy, and she is someone whom throws her authority around, because she is allowed to. I do not know the circumstances of this employee, but some of what she said, happened to myself also.

I dont feel missy should lose her job, anymore than dianna, but a demotion and some people skills classes for missy wouldnt hurt. Hope all works out for u, dianna.


i agree with you, kelly jo.. when i go thru wally world, missy is usually standing on the promotions sign or in the back on her phone.

dianna has always been courteous, smiles and greets everyone, whether in the salon, or walmart customers. myself and two others have sworn to follow di whereever she goes. missy is two faced, and only nice to someone she thinks will tip her.

im glad her mistakes led me to dianna. keep fighting girl, you deserve your job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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