Salina, Oklahoma

I went to work for smart styles and there is one stylist there that has been there for a few years, her skills are not that great. She refuses to do perms, shampoo sets ect.

Yet the manager gives her what ever hours she wants and lets her run off every new stylist, she is hateful and nasty a trouble maker at the least. She blantenly talks about the other stylist and badmouths them so they can hear her the manager will do nothing.

She does no cleaning never folds towel and capes never puts up freight yet the manager says nothing to her like she is afraid it will make her mad or something. She is so hatefull Can't figure out why the manager doesn't fire her after six years she doens't hardly have any requests whats wrong with this picture.

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oh yea make sure you read ur stuff before you post it beacuse i didnt


well i just started and it comfortable my man focus is to get what i need. lol for now cause yes the pay sucks!!!! :cry

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