You can work your butt off for this company, do everything yourself because nobody knows what they are done mg the pay sucks not even sure how the store I work for stays open half the time you sit there because you have no guests stylists don't even want to stick around because Regis only cares about getting there money not giving two squirts a *** about anything or anyone else. not to mention bring used and forced to make commission that isn't even possible when customers won't come back because they can't get the same stylist I could go on and on about how horribly this company is starting from the highest in charge.

then the one person who sticks around when everyone else transfers or quits and is left to do it all by there self learn managing ect.

then wants to be the manager because they stuck it out and they get a new DL and she screws you over and lies to you and puts a transfer in ad manager how do you justify that? this company is based all on LIES

Product or Service Mentioned: Smartstyle Manager.

Monetary Loss: $1800.

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I agree to both these comments. I worked there for two years and heard a lot of false promises on what they are going to do to improve the company, increase our pay but did that happen?

They never held up to their word. So long as they are making their money, evidently nothing else matters. Though i had built a good clientelle, the company was still doing us no justice so i had to move on.

I have bills to pay and a family to take care off. so i did quit


I work for them as well. Every word you just said is true.

They don't care and they LIE CONSTANTLY!!!! There is never a work day that goes by that I don't see an argument over a price or retail or service issues.

I also hear from clients that every time they come into the salon there is a new face and its discouraging. I wish the company thought higher of their staff.

to Anonymous #722424

I work for the Regis Corporation right now. I worked for them in 2004-2006.(for personal reasons, had nothing to do with the company) I came back in 2010 and it's the best thing I ever did!

I love this company, I feel you may have worked in salons that didn't have motivated managers and ones to keep things positive to help make working in the salon fun and worth being there.

That's too bad. You would think differently if you worked in my location............Great guests, great stylists and a great manager!!!!

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