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I sent to the SmartStyle salon in Red Oak, Tx this past week. I had a coupon for a cut for $9.99 and showed the only girl working that day.

She said she did not know if they could take it, but it would show at the end when she rang me up. I said I would rather know BEFORE she trimmed my hair. She said well the coupon says it is good until Nov. So I said, then are you going to take it?

She then said," I do not see a picture of the coupon on the register", so she said she did not know if it was good or if she could take it. _ Now I had just got the coupon on the back of my cash register receipt a week ago at Walmart. I had my hair cut there a few months ago by another stylist and she checked my coupon BEFORE she cut my hair She was not there anymore-- So I decided in my best interest it was better NOT to get a cut this week.

The young girl said I can give you a senior discount but it is not much cheaper than regular price ,but since I do not see a picture on here( pointing to the register) I cannot tell you until after I cut your hair and ring it up........Never had this happen before. -

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Poor stylists trying to make money, commission based salon. $9.99 coupons mess with that.

Drops them down to minimum wage. And do you really WANT a $10 haircut??

to Anonymous Fort Worth, Texas, United States #932005

Yes anonymous I do. If they do not want to accept the coupons, don't print them for use!

Also, work somewhere else other than Walmart Salons?

I know plenty of hairstylist who make a very good living wage and they work for themselves or somewhere else.

The Walmart stylist is not the one losing the money from their wage anyway when a coupon is used. They get paid their wages, regardless of what coupon one uses.

They try to sell you everything in the salon also, and I have bought several items there.

to Anonymous Salt Lake City, Utah, United States #966545

At Smart style the stylist do not make commission on hair products. But I will say this, either she was new and didn't know how to work the register properly.

Or she was actually trying to jipp you and attempt to boost her sales up enough to receive commission.

Either or there is no excuse for not being able to use the coupon. Don't hate on all smart styles because of one stylist

to Anonymous Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #1059630

they do NOT always get their wage whether or not a coupon is used. they get a percentage of every cut, so when the COMPANY, not the actual stylists (cus we gives a *** about them and their livelihood)prints a coupon, they get screwed.

i understand there have/will be terrible cuts coming out of places like this, but that's the price you pay for a cheap cut/color. these are the places these people work learn and grow. I don't know where I'd be in my career had I spent time in a smart style right outta school.

also, ya ever think that, maybe, people need to pay bills AND make a decent wage? luckily for me, I'm a fast learner and worked in a busy place, so was always able to make commission.

it's a shame the company makes it just that much harder for them to make money.

I fell terrible for anyone that's had a bad cut there, there are good and bad stylists every where.

perhaps it'd make you feel better to know that that one girl that cut you too short, or didn't get your highlights blonde enough, she learned a lesson from that for next time?

maybe she learned from her mistakes, and we've all made

them at a new job, and learned and grew. just sayin.

Orange, California, United States #913883

There are places where you did not use proper two spacing between sentences and you call someone old enough to work a "girl" when you don't have simple first grade grammar skills, that is ironic isn't it. As a matter of fact you did not even place one space between that sentence I am referring to.

to KevinRichards Arlington, Texas, United States #913906

Kevin. She was a girl.

She was still a teenager and she was not an intelligent person. Sorry the only thing you took from this was to complain about my grammar skills. Are you an English major? If so , I would have thought you would not have missed I wrote "sent" when I meant "went" as well.

I am a college graduate , with a Registered Nursing degree. If all you can see is one "mistake" , I would say I am doing fine. If you needed emergency help or any medical help, would you rather I helped you ? to perhaps help save your life?

or would you rather I spell something correctly ? Maybe you would like to critique my nursing skills too!- Especially when you do not know me !!!!-- You are so foolish to have even written the comment, when it had nothing to do with the business or the service received. I think you understand what I have written. Go ahead and feel free to comment on what I have written today, for I am sure that you will find something especially since I intentionally have not indented paragraphs and not cared one bit how I wrote this , Just For YOU.

Take care now.

New Haven, Indiana, United States #905313

I work at a smart style salon. And we can't take the coupons if they are expired.

However i am guessing the girl is new and wasn't properly trained on coupons.

Cut her some slack and remember please tip your stylist. We live off the tips and we get taxes taken out of them too.

to Jess Arlington, Texas, United States #909502

the coupons were not expired. I always tip,even if the job is not done to my satisfaction.

Mansfield, Texas, United States #901099

Same problem in Waxahachie. They don't take the coupons printed on the back of the Walmart receipts about 20 feet away.

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