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Update by user Nov 24, 2015

I have been contacted by the company shortly after I had my hair fixed by another hair stylist who btw encouraged me to demand my money back. I filed a complaint with the customer care center over at SS and was told I should be receiving my refund in short of a few days now.

I am very sorry I walked into this place thinking that I would be in great hands since everything looked to be very professional. For the money I payed I should had just gone with my friend that works from her home she would had charged me way less and actually gotten me the hair style I asked for.

My hair was SOOO bad she had to find an alternative way to ad in the gray. (stylist who fixed my hair).

Original review posted by user Nov 07, 2015

Went in for a short hair cut and have it in dyed in a grey ombre hairstyle. My hair has no ombre what so ever and neither did i get my hair dyed.

Payed 130 and was told I have to go back in a month and pay more money to get it to where I want it. Right now the "ombre" is just a straight line all around my hair. I am so embarrassed to leave my home and I am even more embarrassed to tell people how much I spent on such a horrible hair style. The only right thing the hairstylist did was not damage my hair.

I have to pay an additional 70 dollars to get it fixed. To make things worse they try to force sell you overpriced hair products.

I attached photos of what I wanted and what I got. Will never recommend this place to anybody, not even my worst enemy!

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. This person is quite happy with friendly salonist and stated that there is a room for improvement of final results. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss bad quality of smartstyle ombre and associated monetary loss in the amount of $120. Smartstyle needs to issue a full refund according to poster's claims.

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Stylist of almost 15 years here. (Don't represent this company, though) There are some legit issues here, and some that were not communicated properly perhaps.

There's no dancing around that harsh line on your ombre! That definitely warrants a free fix! BUT it IS entirely accurate and realistic for the color you choose to possibly require more than one session. You're going from DARK hair to the LIGHTEST pastel blond to get that grey/silver.

Rarely can this be done in one process. The BEST professional lightener can only lift 8 shades max, on natural hair with no color on it! So that would be a medium, dishwatery blond on you. Now, the difference is if your stylist communicated this with you before or after the initial service.

Also, yes, pastel fashion colors DO necessitate special shampoo and conditioner, to baby bleached hair and prevent that low pigment color from fading overnight. So not every stylist is out to rip you off! You wouldn't wash a cashmere sweater with Dawn, and likewise delicate hair with multiple processes needs special care! I would also recommend seeking out a top notch reputable salon with experience doing fashion colors, ombre, and balayage!

These are not one hour, in-and-out color jobs, that new stylists are equipped to handle more often than not, and you need someone who has created this look before and has the experience and continued education to deliver these results to you!

I'm actually in the DFW area in Texas(Denton) and would be more than happy to answer questions about this and help you out! :)

to Anonymous #1169033

Thanks, going in I knew it was going to take some time to get my hair to that color because of some research I did. I would had been fine waiting, but not with my hair looking like that.

The stylist didn't even get the bob haircut right. According to another stylist, it's supposed to lay all to one side in the back not spike out all over the place. There was no volume to the bob and was just plain out messed up. Oh and did I mention that I didn't ask for the back to be in short layers?

I actually asked for the back to be even to my neck all around and then have it like in the picture from the front, but somehow I ended up with a bob. I found a salon a few months later who specialize in doing these types of styles, wish I would had done more research =(


They owe you a refund! They messed your hair up!

$132 for that? What a ripoff!

to Anonymous #1068720

Thank you I have been contacted by the company already. It was really really really bad according to another stylist (my friend) that I went to. She said the hair cut was WAY off as well and I believed her because I couldn't even style it after I washed it the first time.


Holy ***, this is terrible! People often recommend to go to a "professional" for a dye job, and this is atrocious.

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